Gender dysphoria and personality development in adolescent psychiatric patients

(Andre Leonhardt Msc, Dr. Martin Fuchs, Dr. Gabriele Kohlböck, Manuela Gander PhD, Nina Haid-Stecher PhD (derzeit karenziert), Prof. Dr. Kathrin Sevecke)

Adolescents whose gender identity does not correspond to the gender assigned at birth are faced with major hurdles in their daily lives. In our outpatient unit for gender dysphoria, clinicians encounter many of them who report experiences of discrimination and harassment and some of them have even been the victims of violence. Our transgender research is devoted to advancing the existing body of scientific research to reach a better understanding of the role of personality functioning and attachment for transgenderism in adolescence. Furthermore, we aim to enhance and improve treatment options available for transitioning patients, incorporating the novel construct of identity diffusion. .